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Arrive 10 min early to accommodate for

seat assignments and check in.

Classes are 2-3 hours in duration.

Register for classes at the store, or by phone.

Cancellations must be received 48 hours prior

to the class date. You are always welcome to

 send someone in your place.

Menu may vary due to availability of ingredients.

Registration and class payment for “guest chefs”

is non-refundable. Class recipes and menus

will be made available to

paid guests if you miss the class.


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Knife Skills 101

September 27, 12 noon - 2:00PM - $35

October 15, 5:30PM - 7:30PM - $35

NEW November 7, 12 noon - 2:00PM - $35


Learn the basics of good knife techniques in this hands-on class.  Learn about knife care and sharpening, using the right cutting surface, and proper techniques for slicing, dicing and chopping. 

All equipment is supplied.  

Receive a $25 credit toward the purchase of any Wusthof or Shun knife.


 register in-store or by calling  541 617 0312


Vitamix - More than a Blender.

October 4, 12 noon - 2:00 PM - $25

From frozen dessert to steaming hot soup, create entire menus with the technology that redefines what a blender can do.  Why invest in Vitamix?  Because it will change your life! Jaime will guide you through a variety of recipes making the most of this professionally

developed kitchen powerhouse.


register in-store or by calling 541 617 0312



September 30, SOLD OUT

Molly Stevens - All About Braising:

The Art of Uncomplicated Cooking.

Virginia based food writer, cookbook author, and cooking teacher won a 2012 James Beard Foundation Award and two International Association of Culinary Professionals Awards. How can one of the least complicated cooking techniques create dishes with the most alluring flavors and luxurious textures? Learn why the time-honored technique of braising has become the culinary darling of chefs and cooks everywhere. MENU: Honey-Glazed Five-Spice Baby Back Ribs, Fennel Braised With Thyme & Black Olives, Zinfandel Pot Roast With Glazed Carrots & Fresh Sage, Tangy Mashed Potatoes, Orange Marmalade Tart.

format: demonstration.  no adjustments for food preferences

will be made to recipes in class.


 register in-store or by calling  541 617 0312


October 11, SOLD OUT

Nick Malgeiri - PASTRY. Foolproof Doughs for

Sweet & Savory Pastries.

New York based, Former Executive Pastry Chef at Windows on the World, is a 1996 inductee into Who's Who of Food and Beverage in America, winner of an IACP/Julia Child Cookbook Award for best baking book & James Beard Foundation cookbook award for best baking book. MENU: Summery Tomato Tart(s),  Argentine Chicken Empanadas, Chocolate Raspberry Tart, Old-Fashioned Apple Strudel, Butterscotch Custard Pie.

format: demonstration.  no adjustments for food preferences

will be made to recipes in class.


 register in-store or by calling  541 617 0312


October 21, 6:00PM - $85

October 22, 6:00PM - $85

Robert Carmack & Morrison Polkinghorne:

The Burma Cookbook - Recipes from the Land of a Million Pagodas.

Over a decade in the making, "The Burma Cookbook" spans Myanmar's opulent traditions of empire: from the past century's best fare to contemporary dishes today. 

MENU JUST ADDED: Steaming Glutinous Rice

Sizzling Spicy Nuts, Ginger’d Black Tea, Spiced Lamb Cutlets,

Shrimp Curry, Potato & Mint Salad with yogurt

Sweet Sticky Rice with Northwest Canned Fruit

format: demonstration.  no adjustments for food preferences

will be made to recipes in class.


 register in-store or by calling  541 617 0312




October 28, 6:00PM—$55.00

Jaime Aguirre Celebrates Fall in Mexico

Menu: Braised Beef Chile Colorado, Rich Almond Gazpacho and Cholula Shrimp, Asian Inspired yet Mexico City Fall Salad, Tequila Lime Mousse


Register in-store or by calling 541 617 0312


November 3, 6:00PM - $85
November 4, 6:00PM - $85
Hugh Carpenter: Celebrates his newest book, Mexican Flavors – Contemporary Recipes from Camp San Miguel.

Napa Valley based, 2010 Cooking School Teacher of the Year’ by the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

Menu: The Best Guacamole the perfect Fish Taco,

a complex but easy to make Salmon and Scallop Ceviche, a robust tasting grilled steak with chili & tangerine sauce,

& Mexican Chocolate Truffles with Coconut Ice Cream.

 register in-store or by calling  541 617 0312  

November 10, 6:00PM - $85

November 12, 6:00PM - $85
Ruth Barnes - Sharing Morocco. 

Los Angeles based, Ruth grew up in a large culinary Moroccan family on a farm filled with fresh and colorful food rich with the flavors and traditions of the world. She spent the 2 years writing, Morocco in a Day, her most recent cookbook — a collection of authentic recipes. 

Menu: Baked Eggplant (Babagonoush), Lamb Tagine with Apricots & Prunes, Cous Cous, Grilled Rainbow Pepper Salad,

Chocolate Baklava with Hazelnuts

 register in-store or by calling  541 617 0312   

November 18, 6:00PM - $85
November 19, 6:00PM - $85
George Geary Hollywood Restaurant Stories

and Recipes from a Bygone Era. 

San Diego based chef celebrates the Golden Age of Hollywood. Crowds would flock to the Brown Derby or Spagos’ just to get a glimpse of the big named celebrities. George’s new book dives into the world of Hollywood that has been forgotten in food.  2014: I.A.C.P. Culinary Educator of the Year, 2012: I.A.C.P. Culinary Tour Operator of the Year, 2012: Frommer's Domestic and International Tour Guide Award Winner

Menu: Spicy Tuna Dip ala Carlos and Charlies,

Ma Maison’s Chicken Salad, Cold Cucumber Soup ala Scandia

Mexican Lasagna ala Lawry’s California Center

Strawberries Romanoff ala Romanoff’s
 register in-store or by calling  541 617 0312