Cooking Classes Bend Central Oregon


Arrive 10 min early to accommodate for

seat assignments and check in.

Classes are 2-3 hours in duration.

Register for classes at the store, or by phone.

Cancellations must be received 48 hours prior

to the class date. You are always welcome to

 send someone in your place.

Menu may vary due to availability of ingredients.

Registration and class payment for “guest chefs”

is non-refundable. Class recipes and menus

will be made available to

paid guests if you miss the class.


For complete menus

and early class registration

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Feb 10 . 1p-3p . $28 . Basic Knife Skills

Feb 14 . 11a-1p . $28 . Basic Knife Skills


Feb 25. 6-830p . $65 . Jaime Aguirre

Feb. 26. 6-8:30p . $65 . Jaime Aguirre

The essence of Puerto Vallarta

Caldo De Queso . Shrimp in Lime Serrano Aguachile

Pork Shank Braise in three Chile Salsa

Nana's Potatoes . Churros & Chocolate


Mar 4 . 6p-8:30p . $95

Mar 5 . 6p-8:30p . $95

Gilberto Morales Briseño / Jonathan Picazo Rivera

Restaurante Nomada:

Baja California's Guadalupe Wine Valley Itinerant Kitchen

Hamachi with green sauce and black eye pea soil

(tierra de frijol yorimuni).

Rockot fish fillet in lavender butter and “trisotto”

(farro risotto with yellow star squash)

Duck breast with “Mole Yumano”

(original recipe created by Gilberto Morales)

Lamb cutlet with pine nuts/acorn crust and pea/mint puree

Freeze dried fruits, banana scented cream,

grilled plantain and hibiscus flower compote.


Mar 10 . 6p-8:30p . $85

Mar 18 . 6p-8:30p . $85

Joyce Jue

Pan Asian Party Foods (or Pan-Asian Finger Foods)

Crisp Singaporean-style Indian Samosa Pastries stuffed with curry potatoes, cauliflower and peas

Chinese Crescent Dumplings w/ Chicken, shiitake,

garlic chives, water chestnuts, - Fun Gor

Chinese Crispy Shrimp on Baguette

Mom’s Midnight Lo Mein Noodles with BBQ Pork


**NEW** Mar 11

Monthly . 6p-7:30p
Monthly Taste+Sip Club * EVERY second Wednesday

LIMITED TO 30 GUESTS . $20 monthly

Taste hand selected wines; learn from wine industry reps

and enjoy bites prepared by Jaime & TR McCrystal

Membership has it’s benefits.  Enjoy discounts on wine purchases.


Mar 14 . 2p-4p . $65 . Jaime Aguirre

Make the most out of Pressure Cooking

Gorgonzola Pistachio Risotto

Thai inspired Coconut / Lime Chicken Soup

Texas Red Chili


Mar 15 . 6p-8:30p . $85

An Evening with Andres & Ariana Fernandez

Radicchio Salad with Oregon Pear, Smoked Almonds, Parmesan Aioli 

Rabbit Braised with Bay and Cream with Root Vegetable Puree

Carrot-Cardamom Cake

Cream Cheese-Orange Ice Cream (Made with Liquid Nitrogen)



Watch your email for announcements and dates

for more chefs coming soon including:

Chef John Ash, Santa Rosa, CA

Janet Fletcher, California Bay Area

Ron Costa, Portland, OR


Donna Nordin, Tucson, AZ

Hugh Carpenter, Napa Valley, CA